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Polyaspartic resin floor coatings have come to New Zealand

Floor Masters is please to be on the forefront of Polyaspartic resin floor coatings in New Zealand. Polyaspartic resin floor coatings are not new, first developed in the early 1990's and have been used overseas for about 20 years.

If you need a floor coating system, you should really consider Polyaspartic resins.


in a nutshell - faster install - faster return to use - better performance

More Specifically

  • 1-2 Hr Recoat time (not 8-24 hours) allows us to do up to 4 coats in 1 Day.
  • 4-6 Hr cure, then ready for foot traffic/light use (not 2 days)
  • 24 Hr full cure, then ready for full use (not 5-7 days)

These points alone can save you a week in down time. And the better news is that you are not sacraficing quality for speed.

  • 3-5 times high abrasion resistance than epoxy
  • 3 times higher heat resistance (can safely be steam cleaned)
  • Better chemical resistance
  • UV Stable - won't discolour or degrade with exposure to sunlight or UV emmiting lights
  • 3 times better gloss and appearance retention
  • Excellent adhesion to prepared surfaces - no hot tyre pickup.
  • Installs and cure at -18 Deg C (does take longer)

We have a number of floor coating systems built on our Sparta-Flex polyaspartic resins and a few different formulations.

Our Patented Dual Cure polyaspartic resins include our standard Sparta-Flex 72.

Sparta-Flex 72 has 72% resin solids and 28% solvent with low VOC's. This makes it a bit easier to apply and gives us about 20 minutes to use what we have mixed. It does have an odour, but it disapears quite quickly after the product dries (about 1-2 hours) with good ventilation.

Sparta-Flex Pure is our 100% solids, 0% Solvent and NO VOC's. This product is virtually odourless, goes on a little thicker and we have about 15 minutes working time. Sparta-Flex Pure has been approved by NZ Department of corrections and is used in various New Zealand Prisions and also the Department of Defence and is use at an Airforce Base.

Our Sparta-Flex resins have also been tested and pass all fire regulations, exceeding to highest standards.

With our Sparta-Flex polyaspartic resins we construct a number of floor coating systems (most are available in solvent based 72 and Solvent Free Pure variants).


Sparta-Guard is a single coloured resin floor coating. Applied as a 2 or 3 coat system, i.e. 2 coloured coats or 2 coloured coats and a clear top coat if a glossier/glassier look is required. See Aircraft hangar in side bar.

Sparta-Guard can also be applied with traction additives, from very fine to coarse. We have NZ Slip test results for various traction additives.


Sparta-Flake is a more decorative, yet also more durable polyaspartic coating system. It is constructed with a coloured base coat, the wet resin is then covered with a blended coloured vinyl flake. Once the base coat is dry, excess flake is removed and 1-2 clear coats of Sparta-Flex 72 or Sparta-Flex Pure are applied to create a fully sealed, durable and attractive finished floor. The added thickness of the Sparta-Flake system gives the floor added impact resistance and the slightly bumpy surface reduces scratching and scuffing.


Sparta-Quartz is of similar construction to Sparta-Flake. A coloured base coat is applied to the concrete and broadcast with blended coloured quartz or Plain coloured quartz. Where coloured quartz is used, 1-2 clear top coats area applied. Where plain quartz is used we generally use 1-2 coloured top coats or 1 coloured and 1 clear top coat.